Plain Body Jewelry Hoops//Sterling Silver. Gold Filled. Steel//5-11mm

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Handmade and one of a kind.

Side nose piercing, septum, rook, eyebrow, lip, belly button, nipple, etc.

These are for real piercings, not faux. Hoops are made with 22, 20, or 18 gauge half hard sterling silver or 22 gauge half hard 14/20 gold filled wire or 20g stainless steel wire. I hand file the wire ends with a dremel tool to ensure that they do not stratch or irritate. All wire options are dipped in non tarnish solution to help prevent tarnish and rust.


Diameter options include: 5mm or 6mm (perfect for rook or tragus), 7mm or 8mm (great for cartilage), 9mm, 10mm or 11mm (perfect for nose, lip, septum, belly).

To wear: insert the hoop and simply pinch the ends closed.

****Note**** Handle each piece with care. Though my jewelry is long lasting it should be treated like any piece of high quality artwork. Do not shower or swim while wearing your Eclectic Jewels. Regularly clean your sterling silver, copper, and gold pieces to help them last for generations.

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I hand package every order with love, care, and eco-friendly or recycled materials. If something happens to your order while in transit to you I can not be held responsible for replacing or refunding your item. I offer a Priority Shipping Option which includes insurance up to $50.00 (you can increase this amount to cover your purchase).