Golden Hour Dream Catcher

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This golden delight is comprised of three separate hoops each with a unique weave. Named the Golden Hour because each weave represents the sun setting to the golden hour in the evening when the sky is a blaze right before it disappears for the night. The largest hoop measures 8 inches, the middle hoop measures 6 inches, and the smallest hoop measures 4 inches in diameters. All the metal hoops are wrapped in vegan white suede and gold metallic yarn and feature hand woven webs strung with hundreds of Swarovski Crystals, gold glitter beads, and fire polished Czech Glass beads in unique patterns. Different sections of the webs are hand painted with metallic gold acrylic paint and are adorned with solid brass pinecones, solid brass rings, and gold plated quartz crystals with more Swarovski Crystals. Hanging from the hoops are strands of gold leave ribbons and metallic gold yarn with Swarovski Crystals peeking through the centers of each hoop. 

Approximately 32.25 inches in length and 9 inches in width.